Balik Manufacture


The Balik salmon, described by most salmon lovers as the best smoked salmon in the world, has its origins in Imperial Russia, at a time when the art of "gastronomy" and the quality of the products used reached an unprecedented level.

Even today, the name "Balik" remains a benchmark for connoisseurs. The Balik Manufacture is located far from noise and stress, surrounded by the idyllic and wild landscape of the Swiss mountains. It is here that Balik salmon, the most famous and refined smoked salmon in the world, is produced in a purely artisan way. This product, which makes a food lover's heart skip a beat, is made in the now famous Ebersol Salmon Smoke Manufacture, prepare according to a secret recipe that respects the tradition of smoking at the court of the Russian Tsars.

"Balik" means "the best piece of fish" in Russian. The company's logo represents the "King of fish" with the crown and scepter, a tribute to the Tsarist origins of the recipe. Balik is now synonymous with the highest quality and respectful treatment of ingredients and the art of doing the absolute best.

The secret recipe, which is passed on by word-of-mouth form generation to generation is based on three principles: Balik only comes into contact with fresh water from its source, fine salt ant the delicate smoke of a wood fire from the region. All stages, from raw fish to finished product, are done using purely traditional methods in a beautifully restored 300 year old farm in the heart of Toggenburg, in the canton of St. Gallen. The search for perfection is reflected in every detail. At the Balik Manufacture, only weighing and vacuum packing are done mechanically.

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