For 140 years, we have had a passion for the most noble and exclusive products of the sea. Today, we continue to love our trade and serve you with the finest products available. Caviar House & Prunier is about culinary experiences. We believe that food shouldn’t just be consumed; it should be savoured.

Fine food is about the feeling you get from tasting it and we are committed to delivering that feeling, by producing the finest quality and best-tasting caviar and smoked salmon in the world.


It is well known that love begins in the stomach. Our love belongs to our fine caviar as well as our excellent Balik salmon.

That's because the producer of a quality product needs to have expert knowledge and passion above all else. We love what we do. This is the kind of love and passion where success is never taken for granted, the kind of love and passion where you question yourself and your quality standards every day. For this reason we can say with a clear conscience that we are indeed proud to produce the finest caviar and smoked salmon in the world for you today. In addition we supplement our assortment sensibly with high-quality delicatessen products from the best producers in the world.

Caviar House & Prunier combines tradition and modernity for you with the goal of achieving the highest culinary quality. Today, connoisseurs and those in the know all over the world rely on our historical expertise.

I am pleased that we can count you among our customers, and thank you for your confidence in our products and services.

Peter G. Rebeiz
Chairman & CEO, Caviar House & Prunier